Nie mehr unterschiedliche Colorierung am Rand No more colour differences at the edge

Einfach RANDY an die Schleifmaschine anschließen für staubarmes Schleifen Connect the edger for low dust emission

Sicher mit Anschlag bis 1 cm an den Rand schleifen Sand 1 cm to the wall - with stopper

Sehr praktisch zum Treppenschleifen Very useful for stair sanding

  • Voltage
    230V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power
    1200 W
  • Weight
    6,8 kg
  • Belt speed
    420 m /min
  • Belt
    100 x 690 mm
  • Art.Nr. / Code m
    350 0000 00 00

The ideal complement for sanders equipped with sanding shoe technology. The texture of belt sanding is extended also in edge zones, very important in case of oil-based staining, because it helps to avoid the different coloration of surface and edges. A sturdy and powerful machine for heavy duty and long lifetime. The small front roller allows frontal sanding until 1 cm to the wall. Adaptor nozzle for the connection to a vacuum cleaner by a suction hose for low dust emission.