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  • Voltage
    230V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power
    1050 W
  • Weight
    3,1 kg
  • Speed
    4.200 - 10.000 1/ min
  • Art.Nr. / Code m

The Stairfix is a game complete game changer for the HWF industry. A circular milling machine capable of cutting up to 7/16" off of stair treads, and a variety of wood flooring surfaces including aluminum oxide prefinished planks. (the stairfix doesn't care what's there)

Paired with the included stair pattern the Stairfix allows you to remove the top layer of worn/damaged stair treads leaving a machined quality level behind.

The stairfix is also capable of opening up entirely new revenue streams for the installation of custom inserts and anti-slip tread patterns.